Readathon TBR | Spookathon 2016

I am gonna *try* and participate in Spookathon this week. My tack record for readathons this year is pretty dismal, but I am gonna try anyways! Spookathon is a new readathon created and hosted by Kayla at BooksandLala.

If you are interested, please hit the link and check out the details, as there’s challenges and giveaways. But for me, I’m just keeping it simple, wit only 2 books for my TBR:

I hadn’t even thought to look before, but I’m certain I’ll fulfill at least a couple challenges, so that’s cool!

A friend and I were talking awhile back, and she mentioned kinda wanting to reread Twilight, and we thought it’d be fun to do together, so hoping we can do that…and now’s the perfect time to start.

TBR video on Youtube. TBA