Slay That Series | Readathon TBR

I heard about the Slay That Series Readathon that’s happening next week, and decided, since I’m already reading books that would qualify for this, I may as well participate!! So I came up with just a couple others, to go along, as choices to complete this readathon, in case I finish the ones I’m already reading.

Slay That Series has a couple hosts, one being Sara, Sara without an H, and she has an announcement video with all the full details. But essentially this is an 8 day readathon that you read books to help you try and finish series that you’ve already started. It will be running from Sunday, March 13th, at 12am, to Sunday, March 20th, at 1159pm.

And here’s the books I’ll be picking from:

I’m currently reading Winter, and only about 155 pages in, so far, so will be finishing that soon (hopefully), and continuing onto Stars above, which would complete the Lunar Chronicles. If I finish them both before next week is over, then I can pick from one of the other two books. I highly doubt I will read them all, but I do like to have options!

Let me know if you are participating in the #SlayThatSeries Readathon, and what you will be reading, if you are!

Readathon TBR video on Youtube