Review | Chew, Vol. 1: Taster’s Choice

I am going to *attempt* a review, anyways. 😛


I went to the library today and picked up the first 2 volumes of the graphic novel series, Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory. I have seen this going around booktube a bit, and everyone who reads it seems to really love it, and recommend it.

I didn’t have any particular urge to read it, but I think it’s more the fact that I’ve only read 3 other graphic novels…1 was a take off of a book (that I’ve read: Twilight), the other was the inspiration for tv show (that I’m watching, The Walking Dead), and I knew the stories, and don’t/didn’t think much greatness of the graphic novel of them…the other one, I wasn’t too impressed with either, and I have to wonder if it’s cause I’m just not used to graphic novels in general.

So, Emily at Obsessed Reader created a readathon for National Library Week, which is taking place this week, from April 13th-18th, and I decided to try and join in. Here is a link to her announcement video, for anyone who would like more information. There are 4 simple challenges for readers to try and complete, one of them being to read a graphic novel chosen from your library, and so I went today to choose a few books to complete set challenges, and found this graphic novel to complete this specific challenge.

I have to say, I am glad I did pick it up. I enjoyed it much more than any of the other graphic novels that I’ve read thus far. However, I did only rate it 3.5 stars, which seems to be decently lower than I’ve seen some booktubers rating it. Again, I think this is due to my newbi-ness to graphic novels, and I’m not sure how to rate them, comparing to books.

Chew is about this man named Tony Chu, who was a cop, and a Cibopathic. This means that any food he takes a bite of, he can glean the details of that food…where it came from, how it grew, anything to do with it. And so, he tended to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, especially beets, because that was the ONE food that he got no information from, when he ate it. There is also a ban, preventing anyone from eating, selling, anything, of any type of poultry, due to a presumed “bird flu”. As a cop, he was to help control the chicken black market, and all that entails. On a raid bust, he eats some chicken, which shows him the details of the kitchen chef, who turns out to be a mass murderer on the run, and he and his partner try to take him down. Because there was also an FDA agent on the scene, who finds out that Chu has this ability, he takes him and grants him a job in the FDA as well. This first volume then continues on, chronicling the events that happen afterwards, in his new FDA job, solving crimes and controlling the poultry black markets.

I actually did really enjoy this graphic novel, compared to others I have read. I think, because I didn’t already previously know the story, that really helped to keep me connected to the story. It was interesting, and I felt well informed of what was going on, and like it didn’t detail too much in the pictures. In the one graphic novel I’d read previously, where I hadn’t known the story already (Maus I), I felt like it was missing a lot, through the words, and felt like I was reading through loopholes, sort of. I did not feel like that for this one, it read well, but also had detailed images that added to the story, but I don’t think is detrimental if you do not scour each and every picture, before moving on in the story. I do not particularly care for the coloring…I would have liked it to be a bit more bolder, as I feel like it made it a bit harder to distinguish, and details of the picture. But then again, that may just be cause I have bad eyes, too. 😛

Overall, I did like this, and I gave it a 3.5 star rating. I will definitely be continuing to the second volume, and possibly the rest of the series. My library has at least 4 more volumes. I will have to see how many are currently out, or if it’s a finished series. I do think it will hold my attention enough to want to complete it, which is a novel idea to me. haha