Book Review | Vassa in the Night

|6Title: Vassa in the Night

Author: Sarah Porter

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Pages: 296

My Rating: 2 stars

This is very loosely connected to the Russion folktale, Vassalissa the Beautiful. The story is about a girl named Vassa. Her parents are gone, but she lives with her step-mother and half-sister, and her sister’s half-sister. This story takes place primarily at night, because the nights have extended to take much longer than they should, and nobody knows why. One night, when all the lights in the house go out, Vassa’s sisters make her go to the only open store for lightbulbs, BY’s…which is known for beheading thieves. Much of the story takes place here, where weird things happen.

My Thoughts:
I read the original story of Vassalissa after I finished this book, and it really is not very much like it. I liked the folk tale…but I did not care for this story. This was just very very weird. There was no explanation of anything that happened, and lots of holes and confusing things going on. I kept hoping for an explanation, or at the very least, to have things explained a bit, at the end, but I never did. By about halfway through, I was ready to get to the end for some answers…but it just ended, and I didn’t understand anything. There were quite a few plot points that happened, that made no sense, and didn’t really add to the story one bit. Maybe it’s the writing style, maybe it’s the feel the author was going for, maybe it just wasn’t for me. I rated it 2 stars, because I did start off liking it, and wanting to know what was going on…but the lack of resolution on SO MUCH of what happened, brought down the rating a lot.

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