Question | Booktube / Book Blogger’s Book Swap??

I wanted to ask you all a question! I had an idea, and I wanted to see if you think it is a feasible idea, and something that some of you may be interested in joining in with.

I am helping to organize a a book swap, locally, in person, with a friend of mine…but I thought it might be kind of fun to do a booktuber/book blogger book swap. And I was thinking, the way I could get it started, is to get a box and fill it with books. It would be filled with books that I’m already planning on swapping, anyways, so I would mail the box to another booktuber/book blogger, and then that person would be able to swap out books. They could pick 1-2 books from the box that they like, add a couple other books, and then send it off to the next person.

I was thinking we could do a certain number of people, and have it come back around to me, in the end. What are your thoughts? I thought it’d be a fun way to interact and trade books with each other, and a fun summer project!

Let me know down in the comments if this is something that you think would work, if it’s something you would be maybe participating in. I think it would be fun! Just hoping I can find some friends to do this with. 🙂

If you are totally in, and want to join, send me a message here (if that’s possible?) or on my Youtube channel, or twitter! I’m thinking it’d be great to get about 5 others (besides me) involved for this round, and I can get the box sent out, intially, in/after the 2nd week of May.

Here’s the link to the video I posted about this, on my Booktube Channel: