Book Review: All We Have Is Now

22840148.jpgTitle: All We Have Is Now

Author: Lisa Schroeder

Pages: 272

Release Date: July 28, 2015

My Rating: 3 stars

This is about a teenage girl, Emerson, who had run away from home. But now, there is a huge asteroid heading towards Earth, and it is expected to completely wipe out the population. The story picks up in the last days before expected impact, and most of the population has evacuated the city. We also see a few snippets from Carl, who is also left behind, and has an agenda to complete. When Emerson and Carl’s story come together, Carl grants Emerson and her friend, Vince, a last wish, giving him his wallet full of cash. Emerson and Vince decide to pass it on, granting others’ wishes in these last few days, and we see all the people they meet along the way. What they didn’t realize is that their own deepest wishes may still come to fruition, without them even realizing it.

My Thoughts:
Meh. The premise pulled me in but the story is kind of slow, and boring. The main character seems quite immature, for it being “the end of the world”. I’m not certain what else I can say without giving spoilers. It was a quicker read overall, and has great potential, but nothing really exciting happens to any of the characters. I also don’t think it’s a very realistic view of what a city would look like in this sort of scenario, it being pretty much empty, but having everything still available to a homeless teen.

My review video on Youtube.


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