RainbowThon 2.0 TBR

I did RainbowThon last time and it was so much fun!! So I’m gonna do it again this time. This time it will be from February 7-14th, 2016. Lainey at GingerReadsLainey is one of the hosts, and so I will link to her video talking about the RainbowThon and all it’s details.

So for this readathon, you read books in the color of the rainbow! There’s 2 ways to do it:
1) 1 book for each color (done by the spines), with the ability to combine 2 colors together, up to twice (so, 4-6 books)
2) or you can read 6 books of all one color

I am doing the first option, so here’s my TBR for the week:






I *highly* doubt I will get to all these books within this one week, I haven’t been reading quite as much lately. I read a total of 5 books in the whole MONTH of January. But it’s fun, so why not right? We’ll see how I do, anyways. Let me know in the comments if you will be participating in #RainbowThon, and what you’ll be reading, or if you want more information, click the links up above!


My RainbowThon TBR video on Youtube.


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