Book Review: The Here and Now

H&N Title: The Here and now

Author: Ann Brashares

Pages: 256

Release Date: April 8, 2014

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Story of a girl, Prenna, who came from another time, a time in the future. The future died, all the people died, her family died. Except for the ones who came back in time, the only ones who immune. Now they are here to fix the future, and make a better one. They have strict rules of what they can and can’t do, but Prenna must learn the hard way…do you follow those rules, or follow your heart? And what happens when she does.

My Thoughts:
Such an interesting premise. I’ve only read the Traveling Pants series before this, and this is quite different. Kind of slow, until midway through, and then a result, an ending, and I’m not quite sure I understand it, how all the parts play together. Quick, easy read, though.


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