Book-to-Movie Review: Room

Title: Room
Author: Emma Donoghue
Published: September 2010
I read: August 2014
My rating: 5 stars

Title: Room
Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, among others
Released: January 2016
My rating: 9/10
IMDb rating: 8.5/10

I read Room, by Emma Donoghue back in summer of 2014, and just watched the newly released film this month, in January 2015.

This story is told from the perspective of a 5 year old little boy, who only knows what he has experienced in his short life. He lives with his ma in Room; inside where everything is real, and everything else is outer-space, and not real. They have specific routines each day, for eating, and exercise, and sleeping. He looks forward to Sunday treat. He gets confused when Ma starts telling him stories, stories that she says are real, but has always said were pretend, before. He doesn’t understand what she means, what she wants him to do, what is happening to him, when he finally, finally, steps outside of Room.

I really, really enjoyed this book, I thought it was told so innocently, through the eyes of a 5 year old, who feels everything that is happening to him is completely normal, as it is all he has ever known. I liked how, through his perspective, things are one way, but in our own mind, we know what is really going on, what is happening beyond his understanding. It’s scary too, the situation that unfolds in this story is so realistic, things like this have totally happened, are still happening to this day. It’s sad, but then has a good ending, overall.

I also enjoyed the movie adaptation. I feel the movie follows the story in the book pretty closely. There may be one mild change in the end, but not one that is detrimental to the story. In fact, I like how it ends the movie on a slightly better, or happier, note, rather than how the book ends. Otherwise, many of the details of Jack’s observations and life are brought to us in a very similar way, from his perspective, with us knowing what’s going on, but yet lacking his understanding.

I highly recommend the book, as well as the movie, whether you have read the book or not.


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