Books & Bloggers Book Swap

I am sooooo excited!!!

I had seen a book blogger, Elena Reads Books,  haul books from the swap last time it ran, and it sounds like so much fun. I must not have been the only one, as she posted an announcement video for this round, and said there were quite a few interested for when it would happen next. And it’s totally happening!! I signed up, and I am super excited!

Here’s what this swap is all about:

Your Swap Objective: 

Get to know your fellow book-loving partner and send them a fantastic bookish package.
Your package must include:
A book from your partner’s wishlist.
A book you have read and loved.
A book you haven’t read, but think looks interesting. (Can also be on their wishlist.)
*Optional* Other book-related goodies.  

If you are interested in more detailed information, just click the graphic above, or head over to the swap page at Chaotic Goddess Swaps! Signups for this swap round end on Monday, August 24th!!


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