Book Bead Necklace?!

One of my 2015 Bookish Goals is to make a Book Bead Necklace. I actually got the idea from Pinterest: a teacher used this technique to encourage her students to read more. She used simple pony beads and whatnot, but I thought I could take it in similar fashion and make a really pretty necklace, using pretty beads, to represent all the books I read in a year! Here’s the picture I found, as inspiration, thanks to a teacher’s blog, titled “Fun With Firsties”:


I haven’t started mine yet…but now that we are in June, and almost halfway through the month, it’s probably time I start thinking about it, deciding on what beads to use, the ways each bead stands for books…and start buying them. So here’s my ideas so far:

– simple, small beads, one for each book read
– a slightly bigger/prettier bead, one for each 5th/10th book
– a pretty bead, one for each book read and rated 5 stars
– special beads for other milestones, and/or completed self-set challenges (ie. meeting my good reads challenge, etc)?

Ideas on how else I could add beads to my necklace?? I am super excited about this, and hoping to have a very pretty necklace by the end of the year.


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