Bout of Books 12.0 – Day 2

One challenge today, and I think I like it. It is being hosted by Trees of Reverie, and here’s the challenge:

The Challenge: You’ve just started to work at a bookstore (or library) – what are your top ten go-to book recommendations?


  • You may select any TEN BOOKS of your choice. These books can be from a specific genre, or you may like to choose a few books from various genres.
  • Make a list of the TEN BOOKS that you’ve selected. Make sure to include the title and author of each book.

Extra Prompts:

  • Why did you choose these books?
  • What would you say about each of these books when recommending them to a customer or library patron?
  • What would be close favourites for book recommendations that didn’t make it onto your list?
  • Is there anything else that you’d like to mention about the books you’ve chosen to include on this list?
  • How you wish to complete this part of the challenge is completely up to you, but remember that the more you do, the more you and your fellow bloggers will get out of the challenge.

My Top 10 Recommendations, in no particular order:

1. 16180175
The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern: This is always the first one to pop into my head to suggest, if someone’s not read it before. It’s the most unique book I’ve ever read, it has beautiful imagery, it’s just all around *special*!

2. 18741152
Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins: This is perfect for a fun fast read for any girl. I have yet to see someone who HATED this book.

3. 78411
The entire Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket: good for older readers (children), but yet, interesting enough for parents/adults.

4. 11422
Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers: Highly rated, yet, underhyped book, and one of my all time favorites! It looks like some racy, cheesy, romance novel, but it isn’t.

5. 3
Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling: Who hasn’t read Harry Potter? Oh you haven’t? Then you NEED to read this series!!

6. 213753
The Last Survivors series, by Susan Beth Pfeffer: under hyped, super fast, interesting premise.

7. 5056084
Wings series, by Aprilynne Pike: another favorite series. I really didn’t think I’d like the whole fairy thing, but I was pleasantly surprised.

8. 11235712
Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer: another one I wasn’t sure I’d like, but a great introduction to sci-fi and fairytale retellings.

9. 116445
Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling – If you like post-apocalyptic (or dystopia? Not sure), this is a very good one.

10. 127183
Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back, by Shel Silverstein – this is a super funny story.


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