#CatchUpReadathon TBR

I just happened to see someone’s TBR video and learned about this readathon, just today…and it starts today! I was planning on “catching up” books from the last couple weeks anyways, so figured it’s kind of perfect. I have The Night Circus to finish, and 2.5 books left from last week’s Bout of Books Readathon that I figured I’d just catch up, as well, so we will see what we do this week, now!

Here are the challenges!

Monday: Read the book that’s been on your bookshelf the longest.
I’m going to read:  …..  I have SO MANY books on my shelf, I don’t know which has been there longest, there are MANY that have been on there for YEARS… so… not going to “do” this challenge.

Tuesday: A gifted book you haven’t been able to read.
I’m going to read: A Step From Heaven, An Na; I won this is a Goodreads giveaway back in 2009.

Wednesday: The book you’ve abandoned.
I’m going to read: The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern; I stopped reading this to read other books for last week’s readathon, so I’m going to consider this one for this challenge, and get it finished.

Thursday: The largest (page count) book you’ve been avoiding.
I’m going to read: Scarlett, by Alexandra Ripley; 823 pages

Friday: Read as much as you can.
Saturday: Read as much as you can.
Sunday: Read as much as you can.

So there we go! If you want to watch it in video form, head to my channel…I’ll be combining this #CatchUpReadathon TBR portion with the wrapup video for last week’s Bout of Books Readathon!


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