Bout of Books 11.0 – Day 2

So I did start my first book yesterday, but I did not get very much along. I was gone a lot of the day for a meeting, and then spontaneously ended at a friend’s house for a little bit of much needed girls night! So only read 15 pages yesterday, but I’m hoping to get a good chunk taken out today, if not finish the book! I’m not quite through a quarter of the book, so far today.

So I am not even attempting challenge #1 today (and also never got to yesterday’s challenge #2, either), but here’s today’s second challenge! Challenge #2 is Book Spine Poetry, hosted by My Little Pocketbooks. So here we go!

photo (2)

little face
change of heart.
gone girl,
the end of everything.

This little face has marked my change of heart.
I’m gone girl; feeling betrayed, the end of everything.


I made a progress post that I will be simply updating throughout the week, in addition to any daily challenges/posts I complete, but the end result of the day will be on that post, if you are at all interested in my progress. 🙂


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